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The African sun is shining till well past seven in Africa and the sky is on fire in the west as the day draws to an end. The camp fires are crackling and one can hear the lion at the waterhole nearby claiming his well deserved respect. The beer is cold and the hearts are warm ….. Because you’re in Africa!

Hi there, Bushcampers

My name is André Viljoen, Director of and it is my privilege to be your host at from this year onwards
I assure you the most personal and professional attention from the moment you do your query
Our Mighty God will be our guides as we venture into this exciting, unknown but definitely rewarding journey with each other through Africa

Please allow me to offer you something new this year:

For the entire year you can look forward to A SPECIAL PRICE” of

1 80 Euro (for bookings 0 - 7 days)
  78 Euro (for bookings 8 - 14 days)
  75 Euro (for bookings   15 - 21 days)
  72 Euro (for bookings   22 - 30 days)
  per car per day, fully equipped with roof top tent and all utensils necessary for your camping comfort. For longer than 30 days you can look forward to an even more affordable price.
2 An addition to the equipment on the car this year will be a DRIE BEEN POTJIE for that lazy first Sunday afternoon lunch - a stunning recipe will also be provided so you don’t have to feel unprepared at all

You will also receive a wonderful and relaxing INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC CD for you’re listening pleasure while driving to your first destination - a gift from me to you which you can take back home and listen to while you imagine yourself back in Africa


And then finally: On your arrival at the departure destination I will personally meet you and hand over a 4X4BUSHCAMPER CAPER to each and every one in your group to keep the Africa sun out of your eyes


Remember to book your holiday in Africa well in advance as there isn’t enough time in one day to appreciate the beauty and splendor of this majestic continent….AFRICA!

Please visit the “CONTACT” page to do your enquiry and receive a fast and personal response from Andre Viljoen, the Director of 4x4bushcamper himself


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