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5 Day “Do Nothing” Safari in the Richtersvelt    

 1, 2 or 3 persons  -  1 Car    
  1 Person 760 € each
  2 Persons  1420 €
  3 Persons 550 € each
  4, 5, 6 or 7 persons 2 Cars 460€ per person
The Safari includes:
1 1 or 2 fully equipped 4x4 double cab bushcamper with 1 or two roof top tents.
2 Your host will prepare the camp site and tents on arrival as well as pack up camp on the day of departure
3 Coffee and biscuits every morning when you wake up
4 Brunch around 11h00
5 Dinner at sunset (unique braai every evening)
6 Snacks, fruit and cool drinks during the day
7 Your host will pamper you with a choice of Red or white wine or beer of your choice in the evenings around the camp fire

(Specials drinks on request extra)

What to do in the Richtersvelt:

1 4x4 Trips The Richtersvelt hosts a variety of 4x4 routes
2 Fishing  An abundance of Yellow Fish to be caught
3 Swimming   2 Very safe pools in the river where children can swim the whole day long  
4 Tube rafting Your host will provide inner tubes for rapid  runs down the river
5 Relaxing   Let your host do the chores

    To enquire please go to the “contact” page on the info bar


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